The MadLab 2014 Survey – What we’ve learnt so far!Friday, September 5th, 2014

The MadLab survey is underway! If you have a spare few minutes, please take it here and help shape our future direction.We’ve had several hundred responses so far. Thank you to everyone who has already taken part.
We thought you might like to hear about some of the early trends that are emerging. Here are some of the highlights:
  • About a third of you are from Manchester, 15% of you live in Stockport and another 15% in Salford, with Bolton, Bury and Trafford all on 10%. We’ve got users from across all areas of the Greater Manchester region – and a strong showing from West Yorkshire, East Cheshire and South Lancashire.
  • 30% of MadLab’s users are women
  • On average, people spend 3-4 hours at MadLab every month
  • 25% of respondents have volunteered or do volunteer. Of the 75% that haven’t, half of you would volunteer 4-5 hours a month, given the right project (this is amazing!)
  • 45% of you have gone on to further learning as a result of coming to MadLab, and over 40% have gone on to share things you’ve learnt at MadLab with other people
  • 15% of you have gone on to get a job or a promotion as a direct result of the formal or informal training you’ve had at MadLab

We’ll keep you updated as more info comes in.

Have a great Friday.


The Big MadLab User Survey 2014Thursday, September 4th, 2014

The MadLab Annual User Survey is out and we need as many people to complete it as possible!

Take the survey

Have you ever been to MadLab, been on a course or workshop, got involved with our groups or simply considered doing any of the above?

If yes, it’d be really great if you could fill out our Big MadLab User Survey 2014.

Why do we need you to do it?
As most of you know, we’re undergoing a big refurbishment at the moment, and when we reopen in October with a shiny new space, we’re hoping to improve our services too. This means connecting with as many people as we can in the Greater Manchester region, delivering more world-class training and events and helping people find more opportunities to further themselves and their careers. To do this, we need funding and to get funding we need data from our users!

It should only take 10 minutes to complete and you can choose to remain completely anonymous if you’d prefer. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of the questions, please do via

Finally, we’ve got lots of exciting new plans for next year, including the opening of a second venue. More details can be found on the survey :)

We hope to see you all at MadLab soon. Keep your eye on our twitter @madlabuk for regular updates and watch out for the new courses newsletter coming soon!



Bokeh Yeah have moved!Monday, September 1st, 2014

Bokeh Yeah have permanently moved to Castefield Gallery! Check out the message from the group’s organiser below:

Bokeh Yeah are excited to announce that we have moved into our new project space at Federation House, thanks to the support of the New Arts Spaces Scheme hosted by Castlefield Gallery.

BY project space 01

We have been busy sprucing the place up and will be for the next couple of weeks, after which time we shall be hosting an official launch do!! So we will let everyone know when that will be as soon as the sprucing is complete.

If you’ve some free time to come and assist us in this that would be great. We still need to paint the walls and clean up the floor a little so we will be there all of this coming weekend. You can get in touch here on email of Facebook or just drop by in your overalls! We will be there from 10am on Saturday and Sunday

The address is Federation House, Danzic Street.  Manchester M60 0AF. Our entrance is through the large black door on Danzic Street and throughout the door to the left of the court yard.

We will be working on lots of exciting DSLR video projects and training sessions for you to participate in at the space so do keep an eye on on our twitter @bokeh.yeah and Facebook page

This coming Thursday 4th September is our regular session of course, where will are continuing on the theme of documentary film making. Our Pararchive Challenge is under way and we will be hosting a practical camera session. How to set up for interviews camera, lighting and sound recording to get the best results. As well as how to capture an interview on location whether it be  to gather ‘vox pops’ sound bites or record a full interview on location to make your documentary lively and interesting and highlight some aspect of your story

This session is open to all and it will be a great opportunity to see the new space. The session will start at 7pm as usual so bring your camera and we’ll see you there.

Your Bokeh Yeah! team

Next Round of SciFi BooksWednesday, July 16th, 2014

Hi Everybody

Here is our next round of books for exciting discussions at Manchester SciFi Book Club:

19th August – Old Man’s War by John Scalzi (318p)
16th Sept – A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur by Mark Twain (272p)
21st Oct – Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress (400p)
18th Nov – Manhattan in Reverse by Peter F Hamilton (320p)
20th Jan – We by Yevgeny Zamyatin (256p)
17th Feb – Robopocalypse by Daniel H Wilson (384p)

Don’t forget our next book on 15th Jul, which is Nova by Samuel R Delany.

See you next book!

Manchester Sci-Fi Book Club Contacts:

You can contact us via twitter @mcrsf_madlab or by using #mcrsf

Keep up to date with Manchester Sci-Fi book club posts at Madlab

We also have a group on Google which we would encourage you to join.

Manchester SciFi Book Club on Google+

Post by Daniel Wells, Manchester Sci-Fi Book Club.