MadLab SciFi Book Club Reading List – Spring/Summer 2015

SciFi Book Club Reading List – Spring/Summer 2015

Posted by Team MadLab, 4 months ago

For all you Science Fiction fans, here is our next round of books for Manchester SciFi Book Club…

  • 17th Mar – World War Z by Max Brooks (342 pages)
  • 21st Apr – Time’s Eye by Arthur C Clarke & Stephen Baxter (384 pages)
  • 19th May – The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick (272 pages)
  • 16th Jun – We Who Are About To… by Joanna Russ (152 pages)
  • 21st Jul – MaddAddam by Marget Attwood (496 pages)
  • 18th Aug – Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (432 pages)
  • 15th Sep – Gemsigns by Stephanie Saulter (400 pages)

An excellent selection which will no doubt lead to some compelling discussion points and more than a few laughs!

More about each book (and the ones that didn’t make the list) can be found on our vote on our next round of books Google Group post

Sci-Fi Book Club

Sci-Fi Book Club

See you next book!

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