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Title: Arduino Meetup
Location: MadLab
Start Time: 18:30
End Time: 21:00
Date: 23-09-2013

We have a great speaker arranged for our next meetup: Rebecca Toop, a Visual Anthropology student at the University of Manchester, who attended our last meetup (I know it’s been a while) and has since been on what sounds like a fascinating journey.

I’ll let Rebecca explain what her talk is about…

“I recently spent two and a half months in India, based predominantly in Bangalore, researching the use of open source hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi in the Indian cultural context. This involved exploring how the DIY movement and maker spaces contributed to innovation, how people collaborated in design, and the different projects that came out of it.”


“I wanted to understand whether the open source sharing of knowledge was democratising the technology, and if by bypassing corporate production individuals are being empowered to become more than passive consumers. The open source hardware concept seemed to do well in India thanks to the attitude of ‘making do with what you’ve got’, something that has been termed Jugaad, as the technology is malleable enough to be moulded to both local resources and unconventional ways of innovating solutions.”

I certainly cannot wait to hear about Rebecca’s investigation, and I hope to see everyone else at MadLab on September 23rd. Please RSVP via GroupSpaces or Facebook:

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