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Happy March from MadLab Courses!

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014
MadLab Courses

MadLab Courses

Fancy learning WordPress, how to write a short story, the first step you need to create a robot army or the best way to stuff a bird? We can help.

MadLab has been running courses since 2010 and our thinking is simple – get the best tutors in, teach the most up-to-date courses and don’t charge silly money. All the income from our courses goes back into running the community space – so by coming on our courses, you’re also supporting a good cause. Well done you!


Longsight Library Takeover – this Saturday!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

On Saturday, the MadLab team are heading over to Longsight Library to host a day of making, coding and creating. Primarily aimed at women and girls, MadLab will be teaming up with Manchester Girl Geeks to showcase a range of fun tech and science-themed activities.

Resident DIY biologists Noah Most and Asa Calow will show you how to extract DNA from strawberries, create yeast balloons and make ricotta cheese from milk and lemons! Visitors will also be able to create their own ‘Brushbots’ (mini robots) and take part in workshops from Arduino to Raspberry Pi to making banana pianos.



The day will be a real hands-on experience and a fun introduction to the world of science and maker technologies. No prior skills are required and the event is open to all ages. All you need is a little bit of curiosity – the MadLab team are on hand to provide everything else.

The Longsight Library Takeover will take place this Saturday 15th Feb at Longsight Library from 10am-4pm.  Visitors are welcome to pop in and join in at any point throughout the day. If you miss that date, we’ll be doing it all again on the 22nd Feb!

See you there!

MadLab x

MadLab in Space!

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Last year we set ourselves a challenge for MadLab in 2014 – to boldly go where no other city has been before and launch our very own civic space programme. Now, thanks to a micro-grant from the UK Space Agency our childhood dream of space exploration is being fully realised.

Space dog

Going into space might sound overly ambitious for an organisation like ours, and certainly until a few years ago that was very much the case. However, in 2014 thanks to the dreamers and plucky underdogs quietly toiling away in sheds and garages worldwide (and of which we at MadLab wholly approve) those ambitions have been brought within our reach.

Next month sees the UK launch its first cubesat into orbit, carrying school projects and more into space for the first time. Meanwhile, dedicated amateurs have figured out how to take incredible photos showing the curvature of the earth – attaching a camera and a GPS device to a weather balloon and chasing it across the country until it bursts. These are just two examples but there are plenty of others, from hobbyists doing near-space rocketry to DIY satellites and lots more besides.

Our civic space programme then is somewhat unlike its national counterpart. There are the obvious differences of course – number of zeros in the budget (ours: fewer), number of trained astronauts (none) – but the most important difference of all is that MadLab’s space programme is open for anyone of any age to get involved. Starting on the 27th of February (more info coming soon), we’ll be holding regular events at the MadLab with talks and discussion as well as the chance to get our hands dirty building a balloon-powered satellite. For anyone with an interest in space we’d love to hear from you, either through the website or social media (@madlabuk on both Facebook and Twitter). Alternatively, just keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming launch party.

UPDATE: 27th February is the date! 7pm until 9pm, more info here.

Welcome your new robot overlords!

Friday, December 6th, 2013

by MadLab’s Jo Slack

image (4)

TODAY, MadLab opens the doors to Inventory, a shop filled to the brim with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, MaKey MaKeys and all things digital/electronic. It’s the first of its kind and a haven to all the geeks, coders and hackers out there, or just for those looking for something a little bit different this Christmas. The shop, situated on the corner of Edge Street and Oak Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, aims to be a unique retail space that encourages the public to experiment with electronic kits, learn new skills and have fun!

Funded by the High Street Innovation Fund, Inventory will be run entirely by MadLab volunteers with all the profits feeding back in to the organisation. Our aim is to expand MadLab’s world and get the people of Manchester experimenting with electronic goods. This isn’t just a shop for MadLab’s trusted geek population, it’s for everyone that’s looking for an alternative to the big brand gadget shops out there. At MadLab we’re all about getting your hands dirty, bringing people together and exploring all the digital world can offer.

Inventory will stock a range of goods from hard-trusted Arduino Starter kits to build-your-own Glowing House sets. As we’re committed to giving back to the local community, much of our stock is designed and created by local residents or designed by members of our community groups. We want Inventory to be a unique space in Manchester that has community interests at its core, inspiring people to get involved and look towards the future of technology.

Banana piano made with a MaKey MaKey kit, available from the shop

Banana piano made with a MaKey MaKey kit, available for purchase at Inventory

Trip glasses which can bought from the shop. Glasses that project an LED pattern on to your eyelids to induce a meditative state

Trip Glasses which are available for purchase at Inventory. Glasses that project an LED pattern on to your eyelids to induce a meditative state

Inventory opens its doors on Friday 6th December at 10am and will be open Monday-Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 11am-7pm.

Inventory is at 7 Oak Street M4 5JD

Ever thought of getting a Robot to mow your lawn? Or calling your pals on a self-made mobile phone?

Friday, November 22nd, 2013
Ahead of the Arduino and Physical Computing Course, MadLab’s Jo Slack muses on the latest developments in the Arduino world and what it means for us at home.

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