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Spaceship Unbound reviews

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Spaceship Unbound, the current exhibition at Castlefield Gallery landed on the 21st June.
Spaceship Unbound preview

Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy review

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Last weekend we ran our first taxidermy workshop. Here’s Manchester Confidential’s David Blake account of mouse stuffing:

musical mouse


EVERY now and then we stumble across something so curious, so intriguing and just so batty that we can’t resist popping along with a camera, sticking our nose in and getting our hands dirty. This time around it was skinning and stuffing mice– little white ones. N’aww.

Now, heading to a class in taxidermy, you expect to find a bunch of fairly odd folk, you know, like Barry from Dinner for Schmucks or maybe Hannibal Lecter types. Someone that looks like they’d enjoy skinning things essentially.

But before you start (and you were going to) all the mice are sourced from reptile feed stockists, so they’re dead anyway and have been bred in order to feed the likes of snakes, lizards, birds called Kes and John Prescott. (more…)

Spaceship Unbound exhibition at Castlefield Gallery

Monday, June 10th, 2013

21 June 2013 — 28 July 2013

Co-curated between MadLab and Castlefield Gallery, Spaceship Unbound uses Margaret Atwood’s seminal post apocalyptic novel The Year of the Flood as a starting point exploring the issues of survival in a world turned back to year zero. The project includes contributions from the artists and collectives, Anne-Marie Culhane, Dark Mountain, GameJam Collective (GameJam, The Larks, Manchester SpecFic) Hackspace Manchester, Ellie Harrison, Rowena Hughes, Aliyah Hussain, Sam Meech and Volkov Commanders (Aliyah Hussain, Mariel Osborn and Anna Beam). Their works explore survivalist culture and creation mythology, through story telling, writing, gaming, performance and sculpture.

Volkov Commanders, Moon Camp, 2012


In The Mix – Updates

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

News Flash – Super Furry Animal at MadLab!!

Huw Bunford (Super Furry Animals), who will be performing at the Whitworth Art Gallery during the In The Mix social will also be around at MadLab on the first hack day (Saturday)!

Huw has been producing soundscapes for each of the University of Manchester’s cultural resources. These soundscapes are made up of recordings of everyday found sounds within each respective institution. He’s happy to talk to people and excited to see what people might do with the data. What a fantastic opportunity!

Are you In The Mix?

Are you a sound hacker, audio producer, or developer who’s keen to play with Manchester’s richest auditory dataset? Will your hack win one of our exclusive prizes?

CIC Update

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

MadLab-CICThanks to everyone who came down last week for our first Community Interest Company (CIC) meeting.

We talked about the benefits that being a CIC would bring – including formalising our existing informal structure, how being a CIC would make it easier for community groups and members to further develop their careers and access grants and funds as well as putting in place an ‘assets lock’ meaning that assets and profits are dedicated to the community.