North West Technical Communicators Group

North West Technical Communicators Group

Title: North West Technical Communicators Group
Location: MadLab
Description: Technical writers/communicators, information designers based in and around the North West.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2010-11-29
End Time: 21:00

User Experience: How people make judgements on design quality

Alistair Sutcliffe

Manchester Business School

University of Manchester

User experience (UX) is a topical interest in Human Computer Interaction research and commercial design of web applications and other IT products. UX is influenced by several criteria ranging from functionality and content to usability and aesthetics. We know from several experiments and empirical studies that users’ overall judgement of experience is context dependent, so it is influenced by the users’ task and their prior knowledge. Judgement criteria (usability, content/services, aesthetics, customisation, engagement and brand) are prioritised according to the decision domain and users’ background and then influence the decision making process, e.g. for entertainment applications, aesthetics and engagement will dominate, whereas for business oriented domains, content, services and brand will be more important. The link between these criteria and design of documentation will be reviewed to investigate how multi-media documentation might be designed to not only deliver information effectively, but also to attract, engage and motivate users.

Alistair Sutcliffe is Professor of Systems Engineering, in Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. His research interests span a wide area within Human Computer Interaction and Software Engineering. In HCI particular interests are interaction theory, and user interface design methods for the web, multimedia, and safety critical systems; application of cognitive theory to design, and design of complex socio-technical systems. In software engineering he specialises in requirements engineering methods and tools, scenario based design, knowledge reuse and theories of domain knowledge. Alistair Sutcliffe is a leading member of both the international HCI and requirements engineering communities. He serves on the editorial boards of  ACM-TOCHI, REJ and JASE. Alistair Sutcliffe is founder of IFIP TC-13 Working Group 13.2 ‘Methodology for User Centred Design’ and member of IFIP working groups 8.1 (information systems) and 2.9 (requirements engineering) and is the editor of the ISO standard 14915, on Multimedia user interface design. He has over 200 publications including five books and several edited volumes of papers and was awarded the IFIP silver core in 2000.