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MadLab Update – and activity reviews

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

More frequent updates?

We promised that last time in celebration of the increase in capacity MailChimp had passed on to us. Sadly we took a silent vow that we would never, ever mail in public again, until Bin Laden was captured, or until Charles was clearly being skipped over for monarch. Then, both happen at once. Typical, eh?

MadLab Update – and activity reviews

March came and went, and with it, the MerzMan festival. We had a few lovely exhibitions as part of this, from Fiske & Kverneland’s Kanon retelling of Schwitters’ life to an installation of Snakesticks, talks by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis and a sneaky Uncuts Unconference slipped in the middle. Huge thanks to the Littoral Arts Trust, who put the programme on across Manchester, despite the Arts Council shake-ups. Merz rides on!

We lent our support to Cakes for Japan (organised by Kitty Davies) who raised of £780 to support the Red Cross Tsunami relief effort in Japan. That’s Kitty – a stack of donors – but alsoyou. Yes, you. Thanks for coming, buying, eating - it all helps! (more…)