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A weekend (and more!) of Science

Monday, November 5th, 2012

For three days, including a whole weekend, the Madlab was a hive of science related chaos and fun as people from all over the North West came together to take part in a series of workshops and events.

 Kickstarting the madness at MadLab for the Manchester Science Festival 2012 was the Robot Hackday where burgeoning roboticists and engineers could put their skills to creating new robots out of disused toys, gizmos and mobile phones. (more…)

Manchester Science Festival 2011 Round Up

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Microbiology and Art Exhibition PreviewIt’s been another great Manchester Science Festival this year, and MadLab has been lucky to host 6 events. We kicked off with a preview of Microbiology & Art, an exhibition of work inspired by microbiology, ran our 3rd Robot Hackday, celebrated Alan Turing, held the first ever DIYBIO UK Summit, and rounded off with a Science Jamboree and tea party with Teawitter.
We’ve had a full 9 days holding various science related activities, all with a MadLab twist.

Over the festival period we’ve had over 200 people come through our doors hacking robots from old toys, discussing short stories from modern science, getting to know the global DIYBIO community, eat cake, make instant ice cream all with a generous dose of practical workshops.


Monday, September 12th, 2011

The annual Manchester Science Festival shows that Manchester is at the very heart of UK science and gives children and adults a chance to explore science through multiple of creative approaches, amongst others dance, music, art and fashion. The Festival includes exhibitions, talks and many hands on events. It is the 5th anniversary of the festival this year, and MadLab has a bigger input than ever. All together MadLab will be hosting 6 events: Robot Hackday, Alan Turing day, Bio Ethics Debate, DIYBIO summit, Teawitter and Girl Geek Tea Party and Micro Biology and Art Exhibition. (more…)