The Manchester Lambda Lounge

Lambda Lounge

Title: The Manchester Lambda Lounge

Description: The Manchester Lambda Lounge

Start Time: 19:00

Date: 2012-03-12

End Time: 21:00

The Madlab is proud to announce the inaugural meeting of the Manchester Lambda Lounge; a group dedicated to popularising Functional Programming, and exploring new concepts in programming languages.

Many of the coolest modern languages are Functional, and include F#, Erlang, Haskell, Clojure, Lisp, Scheme, OCaml and ML, whilst almost all of the best features found in languages like Ruby, Python, C# and Javascript have a functional lineage.  So whether you want to know why JQuery and LINQ are Monads, or how currying functions can improve your programs data-flow then the Lambda Lounge is the place for you!

Our inaugural meeting will be on Monday the 12th of March 2012 at 7pm, and will feature a talk by Dr, Simon Holgate on ClojureScript, a powerful and interesting dialect of Clojure that compiles into blazingly fast optimised Javascript.

ClojureScript solves many of the robustness problems associated with large scale Javascript projects and uses the Closure compiler to perform “whole program optimisations” meaning ClojureScript is both fast and efficient.  ClojureScript also brings many powerful programming features to the table such as lazy sequences, and advanced meta-programming capabilities.

Simon will be talking about ClojureScript and his experiences using it to develop geographical visualisations of scientific data.


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