The Photography Sessions

photographyTitle: The Photography Sessions
Description: Interested in photography but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are looking to expand your skills and advance your creative work. Could it be that you just have some free time and you’d like to spend it with fellow creative photographer types?
Date: 23-04-2013
Start Time: 19:00
End Time: 21:00




The Photography Sessions are for you. This short course will cover the fundamentals of photography, developing your knowledge and skills through a wealth of information and practice.

Each session will be split into a

  • short informal lecture,
  • a practical photo walk/shoot allowing you to apply the theory and
  • a open discussion about anything (photography related) which will be simultaneously broadcast via Google hangout to the Web, for the opportunity to interact with the wider community.

Each session we will look to learn some technical theory that will help our understanding of photography, camera mechanics, light and subject as well as creating some unique and inspirational photos through the practical shoots.

All that is needed for this course is a camera, a desire to take photos and enthusiasm. There are no assumptions about ability, camera type or even cake. Come and be a part of some photography fun.

You can book a place on the course here: For more information, please contact MadLab or send a tweet to@markprime. Meanwhile, you can join the community group on Google+ and check out the group flickr page.