Welcome to MadLab Courses

MadLab Courses are learning for do-ers. Every one of our courses, whether it’s electronics or coding, writing or making, is powered by the same magic:

World-class tutors

Learn WordPress from the guy who wrote it. Learn Arduino with one of the UK Maker Movement’s leading lights. We’ve searched out inspirational course leaders who’ve not only mastered their subject, but are experienced communicators and facilitators. Our tutors make the complicated simple.

Small groups

You’ll benefit from personal, individual tutorial attention, plus the problem-solving support of a group of peers in a relaxed and supportive environment. You know you’re on a MadLab course when you have your eureka moment helping debug the project of the person sat next door.


Learning at MadLab is a contact sport. You’re a maker: you learn by doing. You’ll leave having mastered new skills that you can put to work straight away. Unfamiliar territory can be daunting for everyone, but you’ll have the confidence that comes from practical achievement with your own hands.

You can find details of our upcoming courses below. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so via Eventbrite, or by dropping us an email at

Short Story Writing with Claire Dean

Monday 14 April 2014 (six two-hour workshops over six months)SOLD OUT
Over the course of six workshops, you’ll be introduced to the three predominant narrative structures used by short story writers and learn how to apply them in your own work. Completing set writing tasks – and receiving structured, peer-driven feedback – you’ll develop three stories to completion, and get in-course tutor feedback on at least two of them…more info/This course has now sold out. To stay informed about future courses, get in touch at


Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy with Margot Magpie (one day course)

Friday 18 April 2014 (£60)SOLD OUT
The term taxidermy comes from Latin meaning ‘moving skin’. In this 4-hour workshop, students will learn how to skin and stuff a mouse, wire up limbs and learn the basics of preservation. Using miniature accessories, students will be encouraged to anthropomorphise their mice. Standing, sitting or sleeping, holding a small pipe or book, donning a top hat or a tricorn, we will transform your mice into a fun parody of human life…more info/This course has now sold out. To stay informed about future courses, get in touch at


Rabbit Taxidermy with Margot Magpie

Saturday 19 – Sunday 20 April 2014 (£200)
Hop to it and join MadLab with Margot Magpie for a two-day rabbit taxidermy course. For approximately 5-6 hours per day, students will learn the basic procedures for taxidermy while stuffing a large colourful rabbit they can take home at the end…more info/book


WordPress for Beginners with WordPress co-founder Mike Little

Thursday 1 – Friday 2 May 2014 (£200)
If you’ve never had a website or blog, or never been happy with the one you have, start here. Over two days you’ll learn everything you need: planning and setting up a site, publishing content, getting a polished look with themes, adding functionality with plugins, and how to make conversations with your readers effortless. The course includes a month’s free hosting for your site so you can practice your skills. After completing the course, you’ll have a website, and you’ll know how to look after it…more info/book


Bird Taxidermy  with Margot Magpie

Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 May 2014 (£200)
Taxidermy is the only way to spend forever with the ones you love. In this two-day workshop for all levels of experience, you’ll learn to skin, preserve, stuff and position a bird. From the first incision in the paper-thin skin to wiring up the wings, you’ll learn step-by-step and have a lovely specimen to take home, mount and display….more info/book


Introducing Arduino & Physical Computing with James Medd

Saturday 10 May (£120)
Arduino is the easiest way to make smart electronic devices which interact with the physical world. Your robot army begins here. For functionality, for art, or just for making life more interesting…more info/book


Advanced CSS with Chris Mills (one day course)

Saturday 24 May 2014 (£100)
This course is for budding designers and developers who are comfortable with the basic techniques and syntax of CSS, and want to go to the next level. You don’t need to be Eric Meyer, but if you know who he is, that’s a pretty good start…more info/book


Intermediate WordPress with WordPress co-founder Mike Little

Thursday 5 – Friday 6 June 2014 (£200)
Take your WordPress site to the next level with this two day course. You’ll dig deep into theme customisation, understand how to make your site perfect on mobile devices, and unleash the full potential of the platform from search engine optimisation (SEO), security and caching to e-commerce. You’re welcome to work on your own site, but we’ll also set you up with a site and a month of hosting to let you experiment. After completing the course, you’ll be confident your site is professional quality and working its hardest for you…more info/book


Advanced WordPress with WordPress co-founder Mike Little

Thursday 3 – Friday 4 July 2014 (£300)
If WordPress is your business, either as a developer, power-user or marketing pro, you’ll learn advanced techniques over that will give you a competitive edge. You’ll learn insider techniques for managing sites both for yourself and clients, customising your admin screens, e-commerce, event management, building membership sites, the power of child themes, and how to pick the perfect production and marketing tools. After completing the course, you’ll be at the cutting edge of WordPress best practice…more info/book

We’ll soon be listing courses on the following subjects. Check back soon for more information, or ask us to keep you informed:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Game Development 101