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Comma Press – Thought X

Friday 18th March, 7:00pm

Comma Press are delighted to showcase their brilliant new science-into-fiction anthology, Thought X.

Science is always telling stories. Whether in the creation myths of evolution or the Big Bang, or in the eureka moments of science history, stories are a key tool in the scientist’s surprisingly literary toolkit.Comma Press’s latest ‘Science into Fiction’ anthology, Thought X, explores these high-level thought experiments by commissioning  scientists and writers to collaborate on new short stories which explore the great ‘what-ifs’ within physics; from Newton’s Apple to Schrodinger’s Cat.

Join Interzone Editor, Andy Hedgecock as he discusses his contribution to Thought X with his scientific collaborator, Dr. Rob Appleby of the University of Manchester. Interviewed by Comma Press Editor Ra Page, this will be an illuminating evening of story telling and science-infused discussion.

All are welcome and entry is free!

Hedgecock Andy

Andy Hedgecock

Appleby Rob

Dr. Rob Appleby

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