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Robot Hack Day at MadLab(approve sites)

Welcome to the MadLab Robot Hack Day Wiki. We're using this space for two purposes:

  1. To plan the day
  2. To act as an archive of the event

This site is a wiki, much like Wikipedia. Using this site is easy. Click any orange text to follow to a new page, and click 'edit' (just above and to the right) to change the page contents (maybe you want to add yourself - see below...). There are some edit buttons along the top of the input area - the paperclip (4th from left) will allow you to upload pictures and files.

Introduce Yourself

So we all know who's who on the day, add yourself to this list - your name, an idea of your robotics background (if any!), and what you're interested in. You can also link to your twitter profile or website if you want to provide a bit more information.

If you're on twitter, use the hashtag #robothackday so we can all find each other's twitterings (thanks to @sallyent(approve sites) for the suggestion).

Add yourself here!

Getting to the MadLab

The MadLab is the building directly opposite Common, on Edge St, in Manchester's Norther Quarter.

36-40 Edge Street
Manchester M4 1HN

You can see where we are on Google maps.(approve sites) We're very close to both Piccadilly and Shude Hill bus stations, and either Piccadilly or Victoria train station are a few minute's walk away if you're coming by train.

What should I bring?

Hacking is about appropriation and re-use of things. Click the link above for a better idea of what kinds of stuff you should bring (executive summary: broken old toys, electronics, and printers).

Your laptop will be a great ally if you have one; for reference and software, rather than for disassembly.

Running Order

We're operating from 10:00 to 16:00, with a break from 13:00 to 14:00 to grab some lunch.

The full programme is still in planning and will be unveiled here as soon as it's ready.

Organisational notes

Sustenance is not something we can assist with, although there are a number of pleasant venues around us for refreshments and food, and you're more than welcome to bring your own. We're currently negotiating preferential rates for Robot Hackers.

But don't think we're trying to put you off making ChefBot3000.

Robot Building Ideas?

Click the link above and draft out some ideas you have - it will help our team prepare and make sure they'll be able to do a little research before the day begins.

  • ChefBot3000 - It flips! It sautees! It stirs! It plucks and beheads chickens (not operators).
  • Umbrellabot - Robots don't have to be self-contained; they could be things we wear and assist us. Umbrellabot is a wearable umbrella that autonomously detects rain and assists its operator by blocking it.
  • Chronobot2K - A wearable ambient robot, wrist-mounted. It allows it's owner to 'glance' at it and identify temporal information, even when traditional cues and mechanisms are unavailable.

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau(approve sites) build carnivorous robots, and robotic enhancements for animals. Are robots always just two-legged autonoma or things that can enhance us? BBC's Bamzooki(approve sites) is about building robots which operate in completely virtual environments. Will your robot work in a different space - the bath, in drains, or in your bag? Seth Weiner's Terranaut II(approve sites) lets goldfish drive their bowls around. Does your robot need to be autonomous, controlled by a person, or could it take its behaviour from other cues?

Are there things you want to achieve?

Maybe you want to learn how to solder parts together. Maybe you're itching to learn about gear systems and stepper motors.


Feel free to add cool robot builders, projects and things that make you think here.

Robot Hall of Fame

Nominate your favourite robots in here!


We'd like to thank Oomlout(approve sites), O'Reilly(approve sites) and Mattel(approve sites) for donating prizes to the Robot Hack Day.

Honda, you said you'd send us a couple of Asimos to take apart next year, didn't you?

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