MadLab Brand New Kitchen

Brand New Kitchen

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 7 years ago

New year, new cooking facilities.

After a year of limiting our working diets to kettle & fridge based culinary, we felt it was time for a change of sink. So we ripped away the grey old cupboards from the walls and had a Changing Rooms moment in the offices where the air was filled with MDF dust and we pondered over shades of Chalk Blush and Potters Clay.

Andrew Gladwell & Matt Verill began the process by taking down walls, moving doors & re-building a wall, whilist Sang Won introduced Natalie & Lia of MadLab to the world of wall filler, to prepare for the painting.

Josh kindly offered to drive to Ikea where the destined kitchen equipment was chosen. However, this decision was not from the whole team, as most spent there time in the infamous Ikea “restaurant” with their hotdogs, and despicably brought none back for the rest of the team left behind in the smoke of the van engine. Josh quickly regretted his generosity when he arrived back at MadLab, exasperated over the matrix of parking spaces on Edge Street & everyone’s insistence on knowing how to drive the van better.

Then we embarked upon Ikeas flat packed wonders- we may have to deal with many a broken down technical toy here at MadLab but this was no preparation for the mysterious Ikea leaflets with their cryptic cartoons. However Sang Won saved the day with his practical know how and assembled the oddly shaped pieces of cardboard into fully fledged storage units.

Julian made sparks fly as he welded together pipes with all the natural skill of a plumber, and saved us from having to go to the nearest bar every time we needed the toilet. We then pulled in the courageous HacMan, who for a moment put down their toys and got down to some manly DIY. They attached cupboards to walls with the all the grace of the Chuckle Brothers. With the strained grunts, builders bums and stripping, the girls helpfully stood around, filmed the event, gave bad advice and ate their pizza.

The tiling was skillfully completed yet again by the DIY meister Sang Won and I put my hand at putting up shelves, where I promptly lost a key component of the construction. Once constructed, all that was left to do was tile, which was efficiently executed by Sang Won. Tim Dobson also very kindly bought us a hob to complete our beautiful kitchen.

And with a new kitchen, brings a new era- we are now planning two cooking events! The first of which is going to be the tasty Kimchi workshop. This is a constant within Korean cuisine & is a versatile and tasty dish, and it will be lead by our very own DIY master, Sang Won. The other event is a most unique noshing experience, and will be in fact, a Soup-er Day! We shall be liquidising some classics, from roast beef to rhubarb and lemon, all in a souper smooth form, and for the 3 course soup extravaganza it is only £5. Defiantly something different for the weekend.

So for our wonderful kitchen which is bringing many delights we would like to say thank you, to…

Sang Won : the DIY king

Josh : the man with the van

Matt Verill : for starting the process

Andrew Gladwell: knocking stuff down

Tim Dobson : kindly donating a hob

Juilian : the weilder of blowtorches

HacMan Men : for juggling storage units

Maria : the film maker

It was rather epic. Hopefully see you over some MadLab lunch soon!