MadLab Dr.Sketchy’s – Girls, Guns and Rock n Roll

Dr.Sketchy’s – Girls, Guns and Rock n Roll

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 7 years ago

An evening of guns, girls and rock n roll awaited sketchers at this month’s Dr Sketchy Manchester. The RockIt belly dancing girls were our hard rocking models and boy did they bring it. The belly dancing troupe were perfect for Dr Sketchy as they have taken traditional belly dance and turned it on its head.

Dr. Sketchys Belly Dancers

The group who mix it with street dancing, add a whole heap of attitude and perform to rock and metal.As we had three ladies modelling for us we wasted no opportunity this month to try something a little different. Sketchers were asked to picture them as three monstrous gorgons complete with snakes for hair and in contrast the three lovely graces. A Tarantino style gun fight also went down a treat producing some seriously wicked poses.

A Tarantino style gun fight

This Dr Sketchy brought along quite a number of new faces who all seemed to love our chaotic mix of creativity and silliness so hopefully we’ll see them all again next time.