MadLab Blank Media Collective : User Generated Content

Blank Media Collective : User Generated Content

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 7 years ago

We had our drop in at Madlab 11th April- and I have to say its true what they say. Its quality not quantity that matters.

We had three droppers in total – all very engaging practitioners and they really seemed to get the project. It was really important that user generated content reached lots of different types of artists and not artists. We had one person who by the sounds of it is a social media guru and It was great to see how what were doing transcends ‘art’ into a whole different area which in some ways hasn’t been defined yet. Its a mish mash of social media obsession/ blogging/ tweeting and general we will do this because we want to not because we need to…

Pretty excited about what they are going to submit! The deadline is in less than two weeks!

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With thanks to Taneesha.

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