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Fashion Hackers

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 6 years ago

Last night a group of people from across Greater Manchester came together at MadLabs to make clothes and accessories that can be sold in Oxfam. Of what we made included two dress – one from a sewing pattern, another from a top and dress – a retro blazer and a sash for a Royal Wedding party.

Every month we get more and more people coming, some who are experienced sewers, others who just want to play on a sewing machine. But all the same it is always great to see people create and complete items in the space of two hours. MadLabs is also a great space to use as it feels homely, especially the upstairs which has mounds of space. I find that the two hours pass in a blink of an eye and am always surprised when it comes to pack up, since i always think I’ve spent more time chatting and laughing rather than sewing: yet when I see what we’ve finished I’m astounded and wonder how we managed it.

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With thanks to Erica Scott.