Handmade at Victoria Baths

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 8 years ago

“Lets make something new for Handmade at FutureEverything”
“Oh and make sure it has water”
“Ok. wait, what?”
“It’s at Victoria Baths”
“I see…”
– [paraphrased] Conversation at Maker Faire

We mooted quite a few different project ideas in the following weeks, from the obscenely complex (multitouch swimming pool simulator) to the obscenely difficult (dripping water + strobe + vision recognition), and finally settled on crossing a theremin with a fountain to make something ludicrously big, wet & loud!

Handmade at FutureEverything from Madlab on Vimeo.

We used a 800w fountain pump (aka the uberpump, aka that stupidly oversized pump you bought because it was cheap), a few meters of hose, 2 sheets of plywood, way too much paint, a powered speaker set, a modified drawdio kit (leftover from Music Hack Day), about 200 screws, and 2 weeks of work to build it, totally worth it!

The copper bar on the front of the machine is connected to one of the drawdio probe pins, the other is connected to a coil of wire inside the hose opening. The user grabs the copper bar, and puts their hand in the stream. The resistance of the user’s body plus the resistance of the water in between the opening and their hand changes the pitch of the drawdio’s output, which is directly connected to the input of the amp.