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Listeners of MadLab

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 6 years ago


Combine Japanese for mushroom (Kinoko) or a child (Ko) with Russian for cinema (Kino) and add a microphone, recording device (phone) and you get – Kinokophone. Behind that name is an artist duo consisting of Amanda Belantara and Jon Tipler who bring their passion for sounds to a wider audience on an event called Kinokophonograhy. The aim of the event is to provide a platform for those interested in field recordings to share and discuss their work. There really isn’t anything like it in MaDLab and the group creating inspiring soundscapes stands out. There is so many interesting recordings that almost never get heard – MadLab happily provides a venue to change that.

In short, Kinokophonography is a listening event of sound recordings bringing together voices from all over the world. The sound collective Kinokophone has developed a wide network and are continually welcoming submissions of field recordists and phonographers. It is simple, but compelling – the event collects a group of sound-lovers on the second floor of MadLab and leaves them to listen with stereo speakers. Together people go through to the submissions, read out loud the comments by the artists and comment briefly. Every event has a theme with what the submission have to have a connection to – so far it’s been for example food, power, movement…Since the submitting group seems to be so wide range, it really is an event of travelling – all over Europe, to America and Asia, from cities to countryside, from small scale object to the central squares. We are surrounded by sounds, noise and music throughout the day – it is worth to listen.

Visit their website or follow them on Twitter: @Kinkophone