MadLab Microbe Picnic aftermath

Microbe Picnic aftermath

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 6 years ago

On Sunday the 21st, The DIY_Bio gang had a Teawitter event in the form of the Microbe Picnic. Microbes have played a large part in the food industry for years. Industrially, microbes have been used in the fermentation of bread and alcohol and even Vikings used it to produce mead. Kimchi, the cornerstone of Korean eating, contains a number of lactic acid bacteria, among those the typical species Lactobacillus kimchii.

DIYBIO Microbe Picnic

Many a person came, contributing munch-ably lovely treats in the form of cakes, cookies, sandwiches and many a lovely thing. The underlying theme of all the food contributed to the event was that they were that they were all produced using microbiology so yes, there was indeed alcohol!!!

Foods consumed included (in no particular order)

  • Quorn Rolls
  • Triple Choc Cookies
  • Piccalilli
  • Tomato Bread
  • Courgette marinated in fish sauce
  • Cucumber Kimchi
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Marble Beer
  • Cheese scones
  • Assorted cheese board
  • Ginger beer and dark chocolate bread

This was a fantastic event with lots of energetic conversation about many scientifically intellectual subject matter such as which were better; Ants or Bees? This is still up for debate but ants are better.

Written by Arun Hackett