MadLab Event Review: Science Jamboree at the Manchester Science Festival

Event Review: Science Jamboree at the Manchester Science Festival

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 6 years ago

Invisible ink using lemon juice!

Non-newtonian fluid!

The Manchester Girl Geeks took over MadLab on Sunday for a fun and magical afternoon of science and geeky wizardry! Upstairs we had the Science Jamboree where all sorts of cool experiments ran wild – from writing secret messages with invisible ink to building your own morse code telegraph!
Everything was hands on whether making beautiful origami out of train tickets, to getting down and dirty with oozy, gooey, non-newtonian fluid, to building your own little bristlebot critter! There was also face painting of your favourite science motifs and an entertaining math show on the golden rule.

Nitrogen ice cream!

A Sunday afternoon wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favourite treat – ice cream! And what makes ice cream even better? When you freeze it with NITROGEN! Everyone was excited as the billowy gas flowed from the canister to the bowl and spilled onto the table. All of the “oohs” and “aahhs” on this fantastic spectacle was replaced with “mmmmm”s upon tasting the creamy confection.

Cakes galore!

On the ground floor we had Teawitter where cake was abundant and the tea and conversations flowed. We had some creative and geeky culinary creations that included the osmosis cake and the jaw-dropping white light refraction cake. There was a huge gasp followed by an applause when the cake was cut to reveal the beautiful rainbow ombré inside! Visit our flickr group to check it out!

The Manchester Girl Geeks and the Teawitter bunch had an awesome day and we hope all of our guest scientists had loads of fun too! We look forward to seeing you again next time!

Written by Evelyn