MadLab Doodler – Instant Interaction Experiment

Doodler – Instant Interaction Experiment

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 6 years ago

Here at LOVE Labs we’ve been experimenting with bringing physical spaces to digital life.

We wanted to make installations that anyone with a smartphone can interact with over 3G or WiFi, without downloading an app. And we did it.

With the help of Socket.IO and node.js we wrote a server application (we like to call this “Mo”) that bridges the gap between smartphone web browsers and real-time, multi-user experiences.

Doodlr is our first idea built using Mo. It’s a collaborative drawing game that was projected onto a shop window*. Each image drawn was captured and posted to our Flickr Gallery.

There’s plenty Mo to come, so keep an eye out for other examples that are currently in development. But in the meantime, check out these happy (and slightly tipsy) Doodlrs making their mark in the heart of Manchester.

* Thanks to MadLab for the shop window!

*The post was written by the team at LOVE (