The Manchester DIYbio group took its place alongside fellow bio-revolutionaries at The Revolution will be Bio-Based, a forum for discussing the future implications of contemporary biological research. Hosted by both the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum and the ESRC Innogen Centre, the event consisted of a number of talks and workshops. These included discussions about how DIYbio can ignite young people’s interest in the life sciences and how developments in biotechnology could benefit the UK economy.

The Manchester DIYbio group hosted a series of interactive activities, which showcased various low-tech protocols for experiments in genome extraction and demonstrated how anyone can make a microbial fuel cell using soil. There was a plethora of home made equipment such as magnetic stirrers, a PCR machine and other 3-D printed components that would be used by equipment in the modern laboratory.

As an opportunity to see how contemporary research in the life sciences transcends disciplines, the event was very successful, bringing citizen scientist and academics together to exchange ideas and learn more about society’s perceptions and the sort of research that is being done in the UK today.