MadLab Geek Fun Fair Review

Geek Fun Fair Review

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 5 years ago

Hoop-La! The circus has come to town!

Thursday 28th February saw Manchester’s geeks crawl from behind their computer screens, in order to network at Madlab’s Geek Fun Fair. The entire evening was circus themed, with traditional fair ground games geek-afied, food and drink wittingly renamed, all to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere to network with like minded people.

Geek Fun Fair

The start of the evening allowed each attendee to pick a suitable suit of card to write their name upon and, thus, become their nametag for the entire evening. Each suit was categorised as types of geeks: software, hardware, science or arts. Not forgetting the Joker card, which acted as the Omni Geek for anyone who didn’t fit into just one subtype. Attendees were encouraged to pick a suit that they thought best typified their profession or interest.

Geek Fun Fair

Having gained their nametag Sweet Tweets were on hand to keep energy levels up and Trending Tipples freely poured in order to loosen up conversations. Personal favourites included Ephemeral Web (candyfloss) and CD-Rum n’ Coke. Apart from the nibbles four games were set up, which induced discussion and laughter. From Guess the Geek, having to identify the disguised famous IT professionals, to Project-A-Sketch that required the attendees to draw their suit of cards on Madlab’s giant Etch-A-Sketch.

Whilst sipping a Sex on the Beach and nibbling on I worked out that I’m as tall as Hedy Lamarr, the inventor of the frequency-hopping idea that serves as a basis for modern spread-spectrum communication technology e.g. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, most notably, I got to meet a Manga enthusiast, creative writer, software programmer, an omni geek and a hacker! Where else could such things occur but at a MadLab event!

The night ended with a raffle and each attendee gained a ticket by participating with each game or giving a small donation. Overall, the evening was a huge ‘like’, with many attendees already tweeting enquiring to the next Geek Fun Fair networking event. When will the next Geek Fun Fair roll into town?!

Geek Fun Fair

Madlab would like to offer a round of applause to all who attended, HAC:Man for their Fortune Teller and Project-A-Sketch, Polly our acrobatic bar hostess, Arun the Games Keeper , Hwa the Ringmaster and Chloe the Juggler of events. Finally, a massive thank you to BCS who sponsored the event and have supported Madlab for over two years.