MadLab Easter With the Gorilla Kabaret

Easter With the Gorilla Kabaret

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 5 years ago

Forget chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, Easter weekend took a different turn at the MadLab when the Gorilla Kabaret came into town!

‘Do well with nothing, do better with little and do it now’ is the motto for Filmonik, an open platform for Independent filmmakers of the North West where filmmakers are faced with the challenge of making a film less than 10 minutes long to show at one of the bi-monthly sessions. The Gorilla Kabaret, however, takes it to the extreme.

Bereft of what the faint hearted might consider necessities – useful things like equipment and an adequate work space – at the Kabaret there is nothing pre-planned and equipment and props are not a given. It’s up to the filmmakers themselves to make the most of their many talents.


For three days a motley crew of directors, writers, actors and other creative types got together and turned the MadLab into a mini film studio in the quest to produce that extra special piece of cinematic goodness. Whether it be a connoisseur’s guide to eating Gregg’s pasties or a painful glimpse into a failed audition, it’s safe to say that the challenge was well met, resulting in an array of films ranging from the truly bizarre to the truly beautiful.

The short films were shown at the screening on Sunday, but can still be found on the vimeo site. For more information, contact the Filmonik group here.