MadLab Oral history afternoon tea interviews

Oral history afternoon tea interviews

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 4 years ago

Earlier this year we held an oral history afternoon tea, an event to share personal memories of the Northern Quarter with lashings of tea and scrumptious cake. The strangers who gathered become chatty over the refreshments, talking of personal stories and ones handed down through family lore. We held the discussion on the ground floor, where the topic of conversation jumped from Abraham Lincoln to the nascent African National Congress, American G.I.’s, seedy comic book stores, real silk, department stores and more.
getting to know each other

We also had one-on-one interviews in our makeshift sound recording studio on the top floor courtesy of Amanda (who runs Kinokophongraphy). Lend your ears to these folks talking about way back when.

Jean and Dave Mee
Dave speaks with his mum, Jean about her memories of Oldham Street and Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Anthony Barnes Winters

Barney shares memories from Manchester’s Northern Quarter in the 1990s

Steve Devine

Steve shares memories of experiences in the Northern Quarter from his days as a teenager.

Steve Devine

Heritage Lottery Fund

This event was part of ‘The Ghosts of St Pauls’, a series of MadLab events about the history of the Northern Quarter, supported by an ‘All Our Stories’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

All Our Stories is a brand new small grant programme, launched earlier this year in support of BBC Two’s The Great British Story – and is designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their heritage. With HLF funding and support, community groups are carrying out activities that help people explore, share and celebrate their local heritage.