MadLab Gravity Assist – A Game Made at Manchester Game Jam’s Ludum Dare Weekender

Gravity Assist – A Game Made at Manchester Game Jam’s Ludum Dare Weekender

Posted by Tamarisk Kay, over 4 years ago

Luke Thompson has written a blog post about a game he made during Manchester Game Jam’s Ludum Dare Weekender. There’s still time to vote for Luke’s game, so give it a try:

Gravity Assist is a game I made for the Ludum Dare 28 competition, my first game jam. If you’re not familiar with LD48 or game jams in general, the idea is to create something in 48 hours. You can play (and vote on!) the game here, in-browser or as a standalone.


Inspired partly by my day job (accelerator physics), you launch a “particle” angry birds style, choosing your power and trajectory to navigate between various force fields and objects. Primarily these fields are gravitational, causing the particle to curve and loop. Getting close to them scores you more points, but instant death on contact. You can instantly retry though with space, and all your previous tracks are shown to help you and make things pretty.

LD48 is a global event; in Manchester an event was hosted at the excellent MadLab in the Northern Quarter. It’s a great hackerspace, with community-organised activities ranging from game development to film-making to taxidermy[3]. It was nice to be in a space around a bunch of other people developing at the same break-neck (some might say reckless) speed. Comparing ideas, testing each others’ games and offering general advice is pretty rewarding in both directions, and it’s a great way to meet more people, and get together with those I already knew.

Read Luke’s full post here.