One small step for Manchester…

Manchester Space Programme is launching a balloon 35km into space this Sunday, 14th June 2015! Anyone can come along and join in, just get yourself to the launch site – The Hanging Gate Inn nr. Macclesfield – at 11am (or Macclesfield Train Station at 10am if you want a lift, one of the members is bringing a minibus). This is a second attempt, as the launch on Sunday 7th of June was aborted.

We will then assemble the payload and check that everything works, before making a short journey by foot to the launch site and sending the whole thing into space!

Anyone is welcome – adults and children alike. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water as it will be a warm day (according to weather reports), sensible shoes for walking in the country and waterproof clothing (because it’s a British Summertime).


For the armchair explorer

If you can’t make it, you can track us on the Habhub website ( Our call sign is DOGE2 (select DOGE2 from the left menu). Once the Balloon launches, it will ascend at a predicted rate of 5.16 meters per second, to an altitude of approximately 35km (115,000 feet). Our on-board camera will be capturing pictures and video of the blackness of space, and the curvature and beauty of the earth below.

Below is the current prediction of the ascent and decent of the High Altitude Balloon (HAB). If you follow the line you’ll see a small explosion graphic. This signifies the expected point above England where the balloon will burst. After it pops, it will begin it’s decent by parachute until it lands, somewhere in Yorkshire – we hope 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 15.32.36

Hot Pursuit

One the payload is in the air, we will have a number of pursuit teams setting off for the predicted landing site, near Scunthorpe. Once we retrieve the payload, the pictures and video from the onboard camera will be made available from the website. If you’re coming by car/motorbike and are up for a bit of a road trip, you’re more than welcome to join the pursuit team! Please speak to Asa on the day so that we can keep together as a convoy, and get you added to the Tracker map.