National Coding Week at MadLab

Posted by Claire Dodd, over 3 years ago

Saturday 19th September saw MadLab kick off National Coding Week in Manchester with a BANG! We hosted five different workshops for 90 people, ranging from Programming 101, and build your first web page, to coding with electronics!

Programming 101

Hosted by Drew Morgan, CodeUp Manchester mentor, our Programming 101 workshop was designed to give you a whistle stop tour of everything programming languages can do. Drew’s workshop turned out to be very popular, with a lot of people using it as a helpful stepping stone to the later courses using Ruby and Java.

View the workshop documentation here: Powerpoint Presentation

‘Excellent teaching, the tutor was very knowledgeable and it was great to have the support of the other guys helping.’

‘A really nice feel in the way that the delivery was given, nice presentation style.’

Build your first Web Page

Hosted by Daniel Furze, CodeUp Manchester Assistant Organiser and Mentor, this workshop was designed to teach the basics of full stack front end web development. We had a great turnout for this workshop, with some people really flying through the tutorial and doing some amazing things with their mock website.

View the workshop documentation here: Presentation | Workshop resources bundle

‘This is amazing! I love you guys.’

‘Dan is very helpful and informative. Lovely friendly atmosphere at MadLab!’

Make a Web App with Ruby

Hosted by Michael Josephson, CodeUp Manchester mentor, this workshop was designed to show beginners how to make a simple ‘to-do’ web app using Ruby. We had a good mix of complete beginners and even some web developers who wanted to learn a new skill!

View the workshop documentation here:

‘Really enjoyed it and enjoyed being challenged, thanks!’

‘Made a thing! Good to be hands on, get a result.’

Get the Bug for Coding with the CodeBug

Hosted by none other than the creators of the CodeBug itself, Dr Andrew Robinson, Thomas Preston and Thomas Macpherson-Pope, this workshop was designed to provide an introduction to easy drag-and-drop programming and electronics with CodeBug. We had an amazing turnout of people who wanted to learn how to code with electronics, and lots of fun showcasing everyone’s creations. We even had an attendee hook up her CodeBug to a banana!

View the workshop documentation here:

Make a Web App with Java

Hosted by James Heggs of Response Tap, this workshop was designed to give people a taste of Java development in the real world. It was one of our most popular workshops on the day, and was a great way to finish our National Coding Week Celebrations, (we even had pizza!)

View the workshop documentation here:

‘Great support from the course helpers. Everyone was very helpful and friendly, thanks for the pizza and coffee!’

We had a great day, and we look forward to running more workshops to help you all get into coding. If you would like to know when we’re running our next set of workshops, sign up to our mailing list here.