Wanted: Technology Mentor

Posted by Johnny McQuade, over 2 years ago

 Maya Chowdhry Peas on Earth

Transmedia writer, poet and inTer-aCtive artist Maya Chowdhry is looking for a technology mentor to assist her with a research and development project investigating the use of augmented reality to produce an immersive live experience.

The work will build on and develop work created via Divergency. Through investigations with technologists, live artists, and potential audiences, Maya will create a mixed reality work that aims to capitalise on the best aspects of performance and AR technologies. To assist her in this, she is looking for a technology mentor with skills in implementing Augmented Reality and experience of mentoring.

About Maya

Maya began her career in film and moved to writing for theatre, enjoying the community and participatory aspects. She has an MA in Scriptwriting for Film and Television, and a BA (hons) in Interactive Media.

Her recent work includes:

Tales from the Towpath

The Salmagundi


The new, work-in-development piece is entitled Peas on Earth:

How does the food on our tables reach us?

An immersive journey of food sovereignty, exploring the performance of eating, growing and sustaining ourselves, brought to life through Augmented Reality.

Building on a six month process of early exploration which led the Divergency group to grow their own food, Peas on Earth is a research and development to fully exploit the potential of cutting edge technology, the dramaturgical arc and the distribution and new audience potential of this immersive performative work.

The work has been trialled at the Emergency live art festival, using the Zappar app for the augmented reality.

What she’s looking for

Maya has a performance mentor for the project, Niki Woods (Blast Theory/Salford University). She is now seeking a technology mentor. The mentor must have skills in implementing augmented reality and in mentoring.

The fee is £1250. The role might manifest, for example, as five sessions at £250, including any preparation or attendance at an event. The deadline for the R&D is October 2017 – how it will be structured is still open.

Maya would prefer to be able to meet her mentor in person and is willing to travel nationally for this.

If you are interested, please contact Maya here, or via Twitter.