We’ve just announced our Digital Skills for Women in Manchester programme – a series of free workshops and seminars to equip unemployed and underemployed women with the necessary IT skills to kickstart careers, launch businesses and open up new opportunities in the technology sector.

These classes will provide with all the tools you need to establish yourself online, promote yourself and your brand, and improve your employment prospects in a job market which increasingly demands digital skills and online prowess.

Upcoming dates:

Social Media – Seminar 

May 15th 2017


In this seminar we’ll explain how to use social media to your advantage in business, demonstrating how to create a professional online presence

Intro to WordPress – Workshop

May 30th 2017


Create your first website using WordPress, learn the differences between pages and posts, and add content to your new site

Google Analytics – Seminar 

May 30th 2017


Google Analytics is a powerful tool: used in conjunction with engaging content and SEO practices, it can help your website reach a larger audience

Search Engine Optimisation – Seminar 

May 31st 2017


In this seminar we’ll explore the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO). When used effectively, SEO makes you easier to find on the web, increasing website traffic and brand awareness

How to Build a Brand – Seminar

June 1st 2017


In this seminar, we’ll walk you through everything you need to establish yourself or your business online.

Next steps with WordPress – Workshop

June 6th 2017


Essential tips on how to make the most of WordPress, this course will show you how to increase your website’s functionality

To read more about the classes and apply for a place on the programme, please head to the Digital Skills for Women website.