Summer fun in Leeds with ASMbly Lab

Posted by Team MadLab, 12 months ago

MadLab’s Arts + Tech accelerator alumnus Lawrence Molloy has clued us into some special goings-on in Leeds this summer.  The Superposition (the Art, Science and Makers collaborative) is putting on their annual ASMbly (A(rt)S(cience)M(aker)bly) Lab. ASMbly Lab is an awesome space for academics, technologists, and engineers (and artists, scientists and makers of course) to join forces and make magic happen. The first lab in 2015 was a three day affair, and this year it has grown to encompass 12 whole days of synergistic* fun.

The aim of the game is exploring scientific and technological ideas (and philosophical ideas raised by science and technology) through making, with the lab acting as a space for networking, and forming new, or developing existing collaborative projects.  Academics, scientists and engineers will have the opportunity to collaborate on artworks and creative projects with artists who have experience both in delivering publicly engaging projects/artworks, and working with scientists and technologists.  Functioning as both an art studio, and a scientific laboratory, the space is available for you to use however you fancy; either for a short session or for the duration of the festival.

And now for the important stuff: ASMbly is taking place from the 26th July to the 6th August so cancel your plans and get involved! Fire an email over to

For more information or to have a look at their past projects, check out the Superposition website and we’ll see you in July!

The Superposition is a self-organising network of artists, scientists, and makers in Leeds and one of the most productive and connected groups in the North of England.  

*synergistic is definitely a word; we looked it up to make sure.