North West Construction Awards 2017

Posted by Team MadLab, about 1 year ago

We are pleased to announce that our refurbishment project was shortlisted for the Sustainability Award at the North West Construction Awards 2017!

Professor Peter McDermot, the director of Constructing Excellence North West and Chair of the judges, commented on the increase in the quantity and quality of entries this year, and the challenge this presented for the judging panel (hint: because we were all so darn good).  He wrote that they “witnessed the core strength of the sector in the North West, and the desire and commitment to deliver construction and infrastructure, as well as facilities, in a collaborative and sustainable manner”.

The Sustainability Award itself (the one we were up for and thus the most important) “celebrates and rewards organisations or projects whose achievements, in relation to the legacy their work leaves, have made a positive impact on society and demonstrated best practice in triple bottom line effects and social value”.

Our building on Edge Street is one of the oldest in the Northern Quarter, appearing on maps as far back as 1860, so we were keen to retrofit rather than demolish and rebuild, unlike many of our Northern Quarter neighbours.  Our contractors, Red Co-operative, did an incredible job using recycled and environmentally friendly materials, as well as lowering our carbon footprint, and most importantly: delivering a design that would last into the future.  On top of this, they made every effort to ensure the construction project was carried out in the most sustainable way possible.  Recycled materials have been used wherever possible, plastics have been avoided unless recycled, and all materials used on the project were recyclable at the end of life.  Not only did this give us the warm and fuzzies about what good people we all are, and how we’re pretty much single-handedly saving the next generation from the beginning of WALL-E; it also let us use the word recycle six times in the same paragraph.  In total, despite increased venue usage, our new design has allowed us to reduce both our energy consumption and our CO2 production by 60% in 2015-2016, compared to the previous year’s stats.  Which, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is bloody marvellous!

If you fancy reading more about our dazzling design, click here for the full lowdown.