Blog: MadLab in Boston

Posted by Team MadLab, about 1 year ago


The Institute of Unknown Purpose is a MadLab spinoff that ‘aims to create an unconventional bricks-and-mortar institution that embraces playful experimentation, a sense of mystery, and an exploration of the relationship between science fiction and cutting-edge science fact.’

Conceived as a modern-day research institute – a ‘centre for the narrowly improbable’ – the IOUP will engage audiences in new ways to make tangible the wonders of modern science.

It was funded by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative, which aims to ‘fill a critical gap in funding for bold new ideas.’ You can read more here:

This week, we’re in Boston to meet with the project team, and funders, including Prof James Crutchfield (Director of Complexity Sciences Centre at UC Davis) and David Edwards from Le Laboratoire.  Fittingly, our meetings will take place at ArtScience.

We’ll be talking about – amongst many things – alternative future economic systems, and AI-powered tentacles. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to check out the awesome Artisan’s Asylum – the world’s biggest makerspace.