WOO! Budget for new kit. Your suggestions needed

Posted by Team MadLab, 12 months ago

We recently received a super-generous donation from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, and super-mysterious. He/she/the magic unicorn of benevolence has asked that we put this towards new audio-visual equipment: projectors, screens, audio-recording devices, and so on – so that we have ‘a kick-ass future-proof system.’

Thank you mysterious unicorn!

We’d like you to tell us what *you* want. We think a set-up that will allow easy recording and dissemination of talks, and a couple of the latest projectors would be great. If you have strong opinions on what brands and models we should get – get in touch. Or if there’s any other bit of kit you think we should get – say!

Drop us a line at with your suggestions.