Future Energy Summit

Posted by Team MadLab, 10 months ago


MadLab will be at Future Energy Summit in Folkestone next month.

Future Energy Summit brings together professionals and enthusiasts from the fields of art, design, life sciences and humanities for a meeting on the opening weekend of Folkestone Triennial 2017, to re-imagine and re-script future models of energy, its role and impact on citizenship and culture.

Future Energy Summit engages the emerging field of energy humanities, and the discourses of the future of energy and post-fossil fuel transition, to explore multidisciplinary approaches to energy, including non-human energy production by such organisms as bacteria or fungi, and the forms of energy in an expanded field, from psychotropic plant or mushroom induced altered states of mind to hybrid infrastructures.

The ever-growing appetite for energy that leads to extreme fossil extractions is being disrupted by a number of revolutionising processes including the pressing and urgent transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and the digitalisation of infrastructures of energy distribution. Massive consumption of energy, demand for new kinds of energy storage and the development of smart grids are changing the way networks operate. In this context of increasing demand and exhaustion, the future of energy is determined by our capacity to reprogramme our energy dependencies.

In order to undo the way societies of modernity rely on energy provision, Future Energy Summit will put emphasis on two key perspectives: relearning the numerous ways living organisms produce and store energy (for example, bacterias producing energy while breaking down glucose with the help of enzymes – an equivalent process takes place in human and nonhuman animal bodies); secondly, reconceptualising energy independence and a different relation to energy grids by looking at ‘maker culture’ inspired production models. Those might be crucial for our global warming, climate change future because not only do they transcend the role of passive consumer, they also create alliances and associations across disciplines, fields and ontologies. Future Energy Summit, joined by academics, artists, designers, makers and inventors, momentarily brackets the smart energy monoculture coming from Silicon Valley and looks for fictions, prototypes and models that promote a diversity of energy interdependencies.

The invited participants of the Summit include prominent researchers and scholars from the fields of energy and science humanities, such as Jelena Martinovic, researcher of human produced forms of energy induced by near-death experience: and how animals and organisms reacting to stress regulate energy; Tere Vadén, philosopher, whose work enquires into the relation between the humanities, energy and the project of modernity; and Imre Szeman, the author of Energy Humanities: An Anthology. Artists and designers Cedric Carles and Thomas Ortiz of Paleo-Energetique, will discuss their energy archaeology project, amassing an archive of a multiplicity of energy production patents and inventions, previously neglected, censored or forgotten. Rasa Smite (collaborator with Raitis Smits on RIXC, Riga, Latvia) will demonstrate the findings of their Biotricity research: sonic expressions, fuelled by bacteria living in ponds (and give a hands-on workshop about how to make your own mud battery). The expertise of Stephanie Carpetas, a scholar and activist will share on teaching communities off-grid ways of survival. The new materiality in battery production will be discussed by Viktorija Makarovaite and Sofia Perez-Villar, research scientists at Kent University and scientific advisors for the mushroom batteries deployed at the Folke Stone Power Plant, a work commissioned from Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas for Folkestone Triennial 2017.

Future Energy Summit is brought together by AZooetics, a research platform exploring human, non-human and poetic knowledge spheres in order to imagine new prototypes and interfaces for future interspecies ecologies.

Sunday 3 September, 11am-6pm
Silver Screen Cinema, Cinema 2
Folkestone Town Hall, Guildhall St, Folkestone CT20 1DY

Future Energy Summit is part of Folkestone Triennial 2017, and is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, MIT School of Architecture and Planning and Arts and MIT. AZooetics is Outreach and Education Program of the Frontiers in Retreat, a network supported by EU “Culture” Programme (EACEA 2013-1297).