We’ve just announced three laser cutting courses to be held in MadFabLab! Ideal for anyone who wants to get to grips with the laser cutter and see their designs come to life. 

24th MayIntroduction to Laser Cutting: make an acrylic keyring at MadFabLab

Learn to add the personal touch in this two hour introduction to laser cutting. Starting with the basics of designing in Inkscape, go on to create an acrylic keyring so unique that you’ll never want to misplace them again.

13th JuneLearn to Laser Cut a 3D Model at MadFabLab

Whether you’re looking to sample 3D objects as prototypes, or just fancy making a unique sculpture for your home, learning how to slice a 3D design is your starting point.

14th JuneIntroduction to Laser Cutting: Wooden Coaster Tiles at MadFabLab

Use Inkscape to help your ideas materialise! In only two hours you’ll go on to create a personalised wooden coaster, worthy of your most prized mug.

For info on all our other available courses, see here