As you may have heard, we were recently the recipients of *large* rent increase, forcing us to move from our lovely home on Edge Street. But HUZZAH, the folks at PLANT came to our rescue and have been the best of hosts since – helping us to continue to function as normal.

The Northern Quarter has seen a whole host of organisations pushed out of the area; our old neighbours Marc the Printers, Wonder Inn, Texture, and Bonbon to name but a few.

MadLab director Rachael Turner spoke with Manchester Confidential on the issues that small arts organisations face when ‘cheaper’ areas of cities and communities become gentrified, and inevitably, become too expensive. In regards to the landlords, Rachael says:

They have to maximise their profits and would argue they’re not in the business of community generation. I understand that viewpoint. But that doesn’t make it any easier for us.


The move has given us a new lease (no pun intended) of life, and allowed us to think big! It’s exciting times ahead, and with more community outreach planned, an expanding MadFabLab programme, and more courses, we’re looking to continue to grow.

To read the full story, head over to Manchester Confidential here