It’s been a busy summer at MadLab! We’ve held *tonnes* of workshops over the summer holidays including Virtual Reality, Computer Game Design, 3D Papercraft, Stop Motion Lego and many more. Here is a run down of our most recent events…

We’ve been at libraries across Manchester with our VR kit, doing some fantastic Virtual Reality workshops using Google Cardboard headsets and our Oculus Rift for some amazing VR experiences! The children attending also got creative with their Google Cardboard headsets and enjoyed some craft work!

Our ever-popular workshops with Mako Education took place with some fun Stop Motion Lego workshops, attendees got to make and create Lego story! We ran through the process of planning, building, shooting, editing and publishing stop-motion movies while bringing Lego characters to life!

Aspiring game developers got to make their own fully functional computer game at our Computer Game Design workshop! Getting hands-on with a quick storyboarding and planning session the attendees chose what kind of game they wanted to create. Once finished, we projected live demos on our big screen for the rest of the group to see!

Making It Digital, a series of workshops and seminars for unemployed women in Manchester, took place in June and July. These included Laser Cutting Acrylic Jewellery, 3D Printing and Scanning, Prototyping Advice seminars and many more! Attendees got the chance to get involved, see 3D printing in action and learn from our experienced tutors.

Courses and workshops are running throughout the year, offering the opportunity to learn new skills, get first hand experience of using digital technology for making and to expand on existing skills. Check our upcoming courses – or to see what we can bring to you, check out our courses brochures here.