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CoinFest UK

Friday 8th April, 9:00am

Manchester-based CryptoBatesGroup is hosting the country’s first CoinFest, a meet for Bitcoin enthusiasts and businesses running over two days.

About CoinFest

CoinFest started in 2013 as a relatively small gathering of 100 or so Bitcoiners, celebrating the adoption of Bitcoin at a Waves Coffee House in Vancouver. It was conceived as a way to incentivise cryptocurrency acceptance while educating the public about its importance and use. Its popular success prompted the Bitcoiniacs (now CoinTrader) to place the worlds first Bitcoin ATM there, which we again celebrated.

By 2014, CoinFest was growing in popularity, and that year it took a new direction: CoinFest spread across Canada and now internationally, exemplifying the border-defying and decentralized nature of crypto. Vancouver lead the way again by booking multiple venues simultaneously for a less centrally organized variety of exhibits, as Satoshi would have wanted. In 2015, CoinFest spread worldwide.

Now it is celebrated worldwide, with no real centre of authority. We hope you’ll join the fun!

At the event

  • Access to an onsite BTC ATM
  • Screening of the award winning Bitcoin documentary “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It
    (Cant wait? Watch it now at Vimeo and use “Crypto20” for 20% discount)
  • Music from The Cypherfunks
  • Goods available for purchase with Bitcoin
  • Unique Blockchain IDs for registered users
  • Freebies including badges, stickers, pins and T-shirts
  • Bitcoin pizza! (from a Bitcoin accepting vendor)
  • Exclusive webhosting giveaway – from
  • Play the amazing Turbocharged game – from The GameCredits team
  • Talks from various members of the crypto-currency community

The event will be filmed and will be available online after editing.

Want to help? See our website for more information.