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Make Stuff at Portland Basin Museum, Ashton

Wednesday 22nd February, 10:00am

Make Stuff invites you to get to grips with coding, take an introduction to the world of making, and explore some of Manchester’s best home-grown creative tech from the canal-side at Dukinfield Basin.

Join Make Stuff at Portland Basin Museum for a free day of:

  • Soldering: Hone your soldering skills with MAKE STUFF’s LED-tastic skill badge kit
  • Arduino: Learn the Arduino basics, and how to apply it in creative contexts
  • 3D Printing: Explore the possibilities of 3D printing, and 3D scan your head (or other appendages)
  • Wearable Tech: Create sewn-circuits using conductive thread (and more LEDs)
  • Minecraft: Learn to code while exploring the Minecraft realm

Plus check out projects and prototypes developed at MadLab, like Gemma May Latham’s PatternCraft – an analogue-to-digital punchcard reader and a base for developing interactive projects, and Chris Ball’s Laser Harp – an Arduino-based MIDI laser harp that uses low-power lasers.

To book tickets, head to the Make Stuff website!

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