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Manchester Free Software

Tuesday 17th January, 7:00pm

January Meetup:

January’s MFS meeting features a talk from Michael Dorrington on Free Software in 2016 and 2017

The first part of the talk will review Free Software in 2016 from the perspective of the Manchester Free Software group.  This will include the software itself, campaigning, challenges, opportunities, successes and failures.

The second part of the talk will be looking at Free Software developments in 2017.  This will not only include widely expected developments but also predictions and speculation. Importantly, it will include what Manchester Free Software can do to promote the Free Software philosophy in 2017.

The talk will be open to discussion and contributions from MFS supporters throughout.

If you have particular points you want put across about Free Software in 2016 and 2017 then please consider giving a lightning talk at the meeting.

The meeting will be followed by informal discussion and socialising in the Terrace (which is next door to Madlab). There are soft drinks available and there is no pressure to consume alcohol.



The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software philosophy.

Manchester Free Software group serves a growing need for a group in the Manchester area that focuses on free software. The group also covers topics which impact on the freedoms of computer users. The purpose of this group is to:

  • Increase awareness and promote the use of free software within Manchester
  • Provide a friendly and accessible community for individuals in Manchester to learn about and discuss free software, with particular emphasis on ethical considerations
  • …and be a source of information regarding free software to individuals and organisations in Manchester.

Anybody is welcome to the meetings, but you will be particularly interested if you are into such things as…

  • Free Software Foundation
  • GNU Project including GNU/Linux
  • League for Programming Freedom
  • “Free as in freedom” BSDs like FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
  • Open Rights Group
  • Mozilla project
  • OSS Watch
  • Hackspace Foundation
  • mySociety
  • anti-Digital Restrictions Management,
  • OpenStreetMap
  • “Free Our Data”
  • The Libel Reform Campaign
  • Open Data Manchester
  • Mozilla Drumbeat


About Manchester Free Software