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Manchester Free Software Extraordinary Meeting

Monday 2nd November, 7:00pm

The purpose of Manchester Free Software is to promote the Free Software philosophy.

Every meeting we start with an opportunity for informal key signing. For an explanation of what this is about see:

The main part of the meeting will be a workshop.

Free and Federated Real-Time Communications with Free Software

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Discover the opportunities for truly free and secure chat, voice and video with WebRTC, mobile VoIP and the free desktop. Manchester Free Software hosts a workshop with expert developer Daniel Pocock, project founder of Lumicall, JSCommunicator and DruCall and an active participant in Debian and many other free software projects in the SIP and XMPP domain.

This is an interactive workshop with practical, hands-on opportunities for developers, system administrators and users to explore this topic. People wishing to fully participate in all the exercises are encouraged to bring a laptop with the Wireshark software and Android tools (especially adb, the command line utility) or if you prefer to focus on WebRTC, have the latest version of Firefox and Chrome installed.

People wishing to become familiar with the topic before the workshop may wish to review Pocock’s DebConf15 video and the Real-Time Communications Quick Start Guide.

The meeting will be followed by informal discussion and socialising in Terrace NQ (which is next door). There are soft drinks available and there is no pressure to consume alcohol.

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