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Manchester Game Jam

Saturday 12th December, 9:00am

Are you a coder, artist or audio designer interested in making video games? If so, we’d like to invite you to come join us for the next Manchester Game Jam!

Once again we’re throwing a weekend-long Game Jam to coincide with the LUDUM DARE online Jam. If you’re taking part in the Dare then we’re inviting you to come and Jam here instead of hiding away in your bedroom, and if you’re not doing the Dare then your welcome to Jam all weekend too (probably using the Ludum Dare theme though, so we’re all on the same page)

For our Jam solo and groups are both encouraged, and it doesn’t even have to be a videogame: if board games or anything else is more your bag, that’s cool too. Our only rule is: you have to show your game off at the end!

Please note: We’re open both days from 9am until 6pm, we are not open overnight! If you’re travelling to Manchester then make sure to have accommodation arranged. We don’t want anyone sleeping rough!

Under-16 Policy: We warmly welcome under 16′s at our Jam, but they absolutely must be supervised by a parent or guardian for the entirety of the event. Unattended children will be taught FORTRAN and released into the wild.

To sign up, please visit the Eventbrite page and grab your ticket:

For more info, drop us an email: or you can follow us on Twitter: @MCRgamejam

You can see our previous jams here:


I’m not a programmer, will I be any use at the Jam?
Absolutely! We’re encouraging a really diverse group of people: artists, designers, audio people and everyone in between. Most of our games are videogames, but in the past we’ve had board games and all sorts pop up. Go nuts!

What are the rules?
Rules? Pah! No rules for us. Well actually LUDUM DARE does have some rules. Our only request is that at the end of the Jam you show everyone what you’ve been working on.

Is there a winner?
Nah. We’re in it for the games, the learning, and the fun. Let’s be honest: you’re all winners at our Jam.

Do I need to bring a computer?
If you’re making a digital/computer game, then yes please: we don’t have any machines. There’s high-speed WiFi and lots of plug sockets, but you’ll need your own machine.

Who owns the games that get made?
You do! We usually share the finished games online, and we’re encouraging people to share their code too: looking at how people have built stuff is all part of the fun. Ownership of anything goes to the creator of the game, but sharing is caring, right?

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