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Manchester Go

Wednesday 12th April, 6:30pm

Go is an open source programming language developed at Google that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Manchester Go is an inclusive group of people of all abilities, from Go newbies to advanced users. We aim to be friendly, welcoming and have fun learning about, and sharing, our interest in the Go programming language.

This month’s meet up features several talks from the development team at Bet365

1. How Go got us over the humps – here are the “whats” and “hows”

An in depth, technical presentation on where go has recently been a “deadline saver” for bet365 across 5 major projects. This presentation could almost be described as “a parallel life to Erlang”. Here, Andy will detail using several examples where Golang has repeatedly offered us something that simply was not possible in the space that we had available, to solve a particular problem.

Andrew Deane (Systems Development Manager – Middleware) has been the Systems Development Manager for Middleware at bet365 for 3 years. Growing the middleware team to 50 strong. Working exclusively on the Linux platform, Andy’s team focus primarily within the Erlang / Elixir and Go technology space.

2. How achieving improved concurrency through Go solved our forensic monitoring timeliness issues

James will start with an overview of the bet365 Forensic Monitoring systems, and the challenges they face. The presentation will focus on how using Go has given us easy access to powerful concurrency features, allowing thousands of requests to be processed per second, extremely efficiently. A review of some specific solutions to these challenges including some sample code and worked examples will be included.

James Osborn (Systems Development Deputy Manager – Forensics) has been at bet365 for 4 years in a variety of leadership and management roles. James is responsible for our forensic monitoring team, who have recently made the commitment to Go for 100% of new code developments.

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