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Manchester InfoSec

Thursday 6th April, 6:15pm

A meetup for anyone interested in any side of information security, from securing systems to finding exploits and reverse engineering, to distributed systems and cryptocurrencies. A group that will ideally be focused on collaboration and sharing knowledge. The topics covered in this meetup will be of moderate to advanced level, and most will assume some familiarity with Linux (or at least comfortable using bash on OS X), and the ability to compile packages from source. Go to our Meetup page to RSVP or get more info on upcoming events.

This month’s event hosts a talk by Paul Waring:

In the Second World War, the German forces used a machine codenamed Enigma to encrypt their communications. At the time, this encryption was sufficiently powerful to resist most form of cryptanalysis, including frequency analysis and brute forcing. However, weaknesses in the design and operation ultimately led to the cracking of Enigma.

In this talk we will examine some of the flaws which ultimately allowed the UK and its allies to break Enigma and read important military messages sent by the Germans. Although over 50 years old, the story still contains lessons which are relevant to modern cryptography, and demonstrates the enormous cost which faith in flawed security can cause.

Paul Waring is a freelance IT consultant based in Greater Manchester, with experience in web design, hosting and programming in a professional capacity since 2000. Outside of work, Paul runs Currybeer socials and Geek Walks, and acts as treasurer and webmaster for the Manchester Classical Association. He is also a regular attendee at the Manchester Linux Users Group and has given talks on a variety of subjects.

Twitter: @pwaring



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