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Manchester InfoSec

Thursday 4th May, 6:30pm

A meetup for anyone interested in any side of information security, from securing systems to finding exploits and reverse engineering, to distributed systems and cryptocurrencies. A group that will ideally be focused on collaboration and sharing knowledge. The topics covered in this meetup will be of moderate to advanced level, and most will assume some familiarity with Linux (or at least comfortable using bash on OS X), and the ability to compile packages from source. Go to our Meetup page to RSVP or get more info on upcoming events.

This Month:

DDoS attacks are becoming a common occurrence on the internet with the scale increasing on a regular basis. The aim of the talk is to provoke discussion around the subject and to share some knowledge and experiences from having built a global anti-DDoS system from the ground up. We’ll cover the basics of different DDoS types, what is targeted during attacks, and factors and techniques involved in mitigating attacks. To finish we’ll take a look through some data from a recent DDoS to highlight some of the complexities in detecting attacks.

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