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Manchester Lambda Lounge

Monday 15th May, 7:00pm

The λ lounge meets monthly to talk about and popularise new ways of thinking about computation. Frequent topics include functional programming, type systems, programming language design and aspects of computer science. We are programming language agnostic, traditionally focused on exploring functional programming though we are open to hosting more diverse talks on computer science topics. We were born from the Manchester Clojure Dojo, when we decided there would be more demand for a broader group focusing on functional programming in general.  We asked politely and took the name from the American revolutionaries, of the original Lambda Lounge in St Louis. Our logo was designed by the incredibly talented @hltn.

Stay informed

Join our Google Group, and participate in Manchester’s premiere (it’s easy when you’re the only one) Functional Programming community. Joining the Google Group is the best way to stay informed on our future meetings, follow up with people after our events, and to help us plan future meetings.

Want to talk?

Our main focus is on functional programming, esoteric languages & computer science, however we’re a diverse group so if you want to talk the chances are we’ll want to listen! You can submit ideas for talks, either through the contact form on our website, or through our Google Group.

This Month:

The Functional Internet of Things

Firstly, Qambar Raza (@QambarRaza) (BBC), who is starting an exciting project using the ESP8266 IC, Clojure, and Firmata and is blogging all the way up to his talk and demo at LambdaLounge.

Our second confirmed speaker, Spencer Marsden (@spencermarsden) (a creative technologist at the BBC’s consumer technology showcase, the Blue Room) will give an overview of some of the exciting projects and technology he’s worked on.

We can still make time for one or two more speakers! could you get involved?

Perhaps you’ve written some dataflow based code on the Raspberry PI with NodeRED? Or you’ve been experimenting with Haskell and hArduino? Or have you been sneaking Functional concepts into C++ code on a PIC?

Whether you are enthusiastically tinkering on a hobby project, or have used these technologies in a successful enterprise, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re really keen to get a diverse range of speakers, from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, whether you’re a relative newcomer to functional programming, a veteran developer, or an academic, we always provide a warm welcome! See our call for speakers for more details or ping us at @lambdamcr!

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