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Manchester React User Group

Tuesday 7th March, 7:00pm

The Manchester React User Group is an opportunity for React.js developers to get together and discuss the latest in the world of the popular JavaScript UI library, its ecosystem, along with other similar libraries.

Returning from February 2017, meetups will be taking place on the first Tuesday of each month. In the past, they’ve had people in to discuss the likes of React Native, Redux and Elm. They also have a “notable changes” introduction to each event, helping attendees stay up-to-date with React libraries.

Manchester React is organised by Strobe Digital, who will provide pizzas and beers for each event. To keep track of the latest, make sure to become a member of our Meetup groupand follow the group on Twitter.

This month Michele Bertoli will be joining the group. Michele is a Front End Engineer with a passion for beautiful UIs. He works at Facebook and authored the book React Design Patterns and Best Practices.

Painless Testing — by Michele Bertoli, Facebook

Testing UIs has always been a hard job. In the components era, there are new tools available that transform completely the way we approach testing. One of the hottest is Jest, and we’ll see how it provides an all-in-one testing solution that saves us time and headache.

Additional lightning talks:

– React Storybook walkthrough by Nick Mitchell
– Declarative Data Fetching by Chris Hale

Also, if you have a little story to tell about React from this month, or have a question in mind, please keep it in mind for during the Introduction section.

– 7pm: Doors / Pizza / Beer / Chat
– 7:15pm: Introduction / catchup / stories
– 7:30pm: Painless Testing by Michele Bertoli
– 8:15pm: Lightning talks
– 8:45pm: Finish up, go to the bar

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