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Wednesday 7th June, 6:45pm

Manc.JS is Manchester’s monthly JavaScript user group. Manc.JS meets on the first Wednesday of each month, featuring plenty of casual chats and lightning talks; panel discussions and pub quizzes, plus games such as Code Golf, Code & Conquer and more! Whether you have an advanced knowledge of JavaScript, or are just an enthusiast, Manc.JS welcomes users from all levels. For updates on this months event, please see the Manc.js twitter page.

This Month:

We’re having another practical session, so please bring your laptop if you can. As groups will be tackling various programming challenges thanks to the people from Exercism, and hopefully learn something in the process.

This is a non-competitive, collaborative and fun event where you can both help and learn from your peers. Both beginners and experts are welcome.

If you can, please install the ‘Exercism’ CLI (see ) and Node.js before you arrive (see ). If you have any issues, we’ll be happy to help you get set up at the event.

Thanks to our sponsor ParkCloud there will be pizza at this event!

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